FlashVolunteer.org is no longer under active development. This service remains free to use, but as-is with no new features or fixes. If you or your organization are interested in taking over this service, please contact info@flashvolunteer.org. Read more about it here

FlashVolunteer has suspended operations

What does this mean?

The service continues to run and will for a while (but not forever). If you depend on this service, you should consider migrating to another solution in the next year.

New features are not being developed, so the features and capabilities today are all you can expect from this service going forward.

Support is no longer available, so any bugs or issues will remain as they are today. The support mailboxes are still being monitored but only for critical downtime-related issues, and otherwise only infrequently.

Can I still use it to host or attend an event?

Yes, please do! We still want to help volunteers and organizations find each other and connect to make our communities better places to live. But if you are considering organizing events in 2018 and beyond or if you require additional features that aren’t yet in the platform, you would be better off to look at other solutions.

Is it for sale?

Not as such, but if you or your organization are interested in taking over operation of the FlashVolunteer.org service, please contact info@flashvolunteer.org.

A few details about how that would work:

Want to start your own service like Flash Volunteer?

Details about how to obtain and use the Flash Volunteer source code under the open source license are here:

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