Exotic Scales For You to Try

Most people start playing guitar by learning the major scale. This is important because the major scale is the basis of a lot of Western music, but it can be boring to play the same scale over and over again. You can learn the minor scale as well, but differences between major and minor scales are not as significant as you might think. There are scales a lot more different to these ones that you should try your hand at once you have gotten the hang of the basic western scales that everyone has to learn.

The harmonic minor scale is one that you could try out. It is in a way a modification of the minor scale with a sharp seventh note that creates a mystical feel. You will get very Spanish style melodies from playing this scale, and you will be able to go into Arabic sounding music as well if you learn the modified version of this scale which is called the Dominant Phrygian scale. This is a truly Arabic sounding scale that offers a lot of wonderful options for you to explore.

You can go towards different areas in your guitar practice routine as well. The Mixolydian scale is a great way to delve into the world of Eastern Classical music, basically bringing Indian vibes to your overall sound. This scale is a modified form of the major scale, with a flattened seventh that changes everything about what the scale represents. Exploring new scales is a key component of becoming a better guitarist, and it can make learning guitar a lot more fun for you. Soon you will be putting on Mixolydian backing tracks and jamming out to tablas and sitars rather than just drums and bass.